Occasionally people convicted of a crime are interested in seeking a pardon or clemency.

Executive clemency is the power given exclusively to the Governor that allows him to grant either a commutation of sentence or a pardon.  A commutation is a partial or full reduction of a sentence for people currently in jail or prison.  Where a commutation shortens a sentence, a pardon officially forgives an individual for a crime or crimes. 


• A person is not eligible for a pardon until five years have passed since they completed their sentence, including any period of probation.

• Pardons for OUI convictions will not be considered by the Governor's Board.

• Pardons sought solely for the purpose of permitting a felon to possess firearms will not be considered by the Governor's Board.

• Pardons sought in order to remove a person from the Sex Offender Registry will not be considered by the Governor's Board.

• Pardons sought to permit travel to Canada by otherwise excluded people will not be considered by the Governor's Board.


Getting a petition for a pardon or executive clemency reviewed is considerably more complicated than simply writing a polite letter asking nicely. I can guide you through the process, from collecting necessary documents, preparing and submitting the application, to preparing a presentation to the Governor's Board on Executive Clemency.

More detailed information on Executive Clemency is available at:

If you are interested in pursuing a pardon or clemency feel free give me a call to discuss the process and your options.