Domestic Violence

People charged with Domestic Violence crimes, including DV Assault and DV Terrorizing, face a system that can feel particularly unfair. Domestic Violence convictions  often come with sentences that include jail time, probation, and additional supervision measures like Domestic Violence Court and Certified Batterers Intervention classes.

Some DV situations spring from circumstances where things got out of hand and the first person to call the police is seen as the victim, regardless of what really happened. It takes a focused effort by experienced defense counsel to investigate what really happened and put on a vigorous defense.

Although a first-offense DV Assault or DV Terrorizing can be charged as a misdemeanor, the prosecutor can use prior convictions to elevate a new DV charge to a felony.

Many people charged with Domestic Violence crimes find themselves in additional legal trouble when they contact an alleged victim in violation of their bail conditions. This sort of Violation of Condition of Release can be charged as a felony and carry significant, life-long consequences. A good defense attorney can help you avoid these difficult and severe penalties.